Industrial AC and DC Systems

Chloride XP-90R DC UPS

1-ph input: 24V to 127Vdc output / 25 to 250A 3-ph input: 24V to 220Vdc output / 25 to 600A The Chloride XP-90 products are tailor-made solutions designed to operate in hazardous atmosphere and meet the requirements of the ATEX/IECEx standards.

Am besten geeignet für:
  • Oil and Gas


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1-ph input: 24 to 127Vdc output / 25 to 250A
3-ph input: 24 to 220Vdc output / 25 to 600A 
Single Unit up to 15kW
Parallel configuration up to 30kW
3-ph input 3x400Vac(*) or Single phase 230Vac
Output 24Vdc, 48Vdc, 110Vdc, 220Vdc, 400Vdc
Certified Ex d enclosure. Material: Stainless Steel or Mild Steel (Aluminium coming soon)
Input Transformer as standard
12 Pulses filtered SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier)
Low Inrush Current (≤5 In), Low THDi (≤6%)
Digitally controlled Rectifier
Designed for 55°C Ambient Temperature
Overcurrent up to 150% / 1 minute
Battery type: Sealed Lead Acid / ‘Maintenance-free’ Ni/Cd.
Human Machine Interface: Large graphical interface for System Control and Monitoring
Modbus remote Monitoring


Small footprint - High power DC UPS system available in small size to optimize space on offshore platform
Reliability of Industrial UPS • Optimized Thermal Management - The Chloride XP-90R uses our latest patented Exd enclosure cooling system
Strong immunity to perturbations – The Chloride XP-90R integrates an isolating input Transformer
Safe Control, door closed - The Chloride XP-90R allows the user to operate Switches and Circuit Breakers, as well as the control buttons with door closed
Smart access to UPS data:
Large graphical user interface providing access to all UPS menus with door closed
Embedded event logger (up to 2000 events)
Safe and Easy Maintenance - Once open, the front door gives access to all internal components from the front


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Produkt-Schwerpunkte: Industrial AC and DC Systems
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Produkt-Schwerpunkte: Industrial AC and DC Systems



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