Edge In Asia

We asked our customers and partners: Where is the “Edge” in our region?


The Edge Report

Asia is predicted to be a key region to drive future tech innovations, but questions remain regarding our readiness to lead this digital charge. How well are we positioned to adopt this new technology? What issues do companies face in investing for edge computing initiatives? Find out more.

Edge Playbook

Interested in an edge strategy for your organization, but you do not know how to formulate one? Let us help you develop a top-notch strategy that meets your business objectives and maximizes your resources.


See how edge computing is applied in real-life situation via our featured case studies.

Chorus - A Vertiv Case Study
The increasing demand for high-quality, innovate telecommunication services can put a strain to your existing infrastructure. Learn how New Zealand’s largest telecom company leveraged edge computing to prepare itself for the future. READ MORE

The Space Studio by Fitness First
Space and location are prime considerations when implementing an edge strategy. Find out how an innovative fitness studio in Australia overcame its issues using our best-in-class unified infrastructure solutions. READ MORE

Featured Products

Edge computing has the potential to unlock business opportunities in this ever-changing digital landscape. Find out how is it being embraced in Asia.