Thermal Management

Controlling heat and humidity is just the beginning. Do you understand environmental conditions when evaluating the use of outside air for IT cooling? How do you manage wildly fluctuating conditions at remote access sites around the globe? Our experts can help you find the answers.

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March 20, 2018

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Thermal Management

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January 16, 2018
Data Center/Colocation/Hosting

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Thermal Management

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Thermal Management

vXchnge Revolutionizes Thermal Management

October 11, 2017


Vertiv 2016 Cooling The Edge Survey

What are IT, Data Center and Facilities professionals commenting about their biggest challenges and concerns when cooling network closets, server rooms, and other edge computing spaces? Watch this video to learn more about their insights.

Calculate Your Free-Cooling Hours

Using the Free Cooling Economization Calculator, you can see how much economization is estimated based on geographic location, loads and other operating parameters. These calculations are estimates and should not be construed as results you would achieve in an actual installation.

vXchnge Revolutionizes Thermal Management

Colocation provider vXchnge is rolling out thermal management innovations in many of its U.S. data centers. vXchnge is an edge co-location provider with 14 data centers across the U.S., and Vertiv solutions are present in many of them, providing power, cooling or monitoring and control technologies for protection, efficiency and capacity management.