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The page you're viewing is for English (ASIA) region.

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NetSure HVDC Series 400V

The Netsure™ HVDC series is to meet the market demand for high voltage DC power supplies for use in data centers, a new generation 400V large capacity DC power supply solution. The DC power system incorporates a wide range of capabilities such as digital dual-DSP control, active PFC, soft switching and centralized heat dissipation.

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Best Suited For:
  • Telecom


Simplified system architecture
Enhanced system reliability by removing conversion equipment, thereby reducing power losses
Smaller foot print
Lower capital cost
Simple to operate and maintain
No Load balancing issues
No harmonic issues
Eliminates the need for paralleling and synchronization
Improved overall electrical efficiency
Lower heat load


High safety,no accessible bare live conductor is present when the door is closed or opened; Insulation failure or grounding fault alarm functions are supported for DC buses and DC output branches; Separate distribution monitoring is supported for DC distribution units with 7-inch touch screens to display the running status and provide automatic fault alarms.
High power factor, high-efficiency and low THD.
Strong ability in adapting power grids.
Normal operation within the input voltage range of 260 VAC to 530 VAC and can withstand 600 VAC input with automatic protection against phase failures.
Digital active load sharing. Stable load sharing function with imbalance <±5%, rectifier can operate stably with active load sharing function when the controller is disconnected.
Web-based monitoring. Real time remote monitoring via Ethernet, Modem or RS232 port.
Safe and reliable. Comprehensive lightning protection at AC side, DC side and signal.
Damage-free hot plugging/unplugging supported for rectifier and controller modules; easy and fast online maintenance.
Great adaptation to harmonic and instant overvoltage of diesel generator. Compatible with different model and power generators.
Specialized parallel design for capacity expansion. Easy online parallel connection or upgrading cut-in.
Higher power density and small footprint.
Green design. Rectifier standby supported to improve system efficiency; advanced EMC design for Class A conduction and radiated emissions.

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