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Project Management

With our project management services, we ensure that your critical power and cooling infrastructure equipment has a proper installation, start-up or removal.

Installing and starting up your critical power and cooling infrastructure equipment is a complex and potentially costly effort. That's why so many companies turn to Vertiv for project management services. We have the resources and product knowledge to integrate and lead everyone involved in the project, from sister companies to contractors in your area. As your single point of contact, we can help you contain costs, coordinate resources and equipment, and ensure timely project completion. This service is scalable and can be performed for a single rack as well as for a turnkey project including a complete site, depending on your needs.


Single point of contact during the project
Management of all aspects of the project from beginning to end including engineering, material logistics, installation, acceptance testing, commissioning and customer acceptance  
Adherence to regulatory and industry standards 


A single point of contact for the project assure all aspects are coordinated to meet the project timeline
Experienced project managers ensures high quality throughout the project
Conformity to engineered design, and customer specific requirements


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