Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting - ELSX Modular Static Inverter Unit

The ELSX modular three phase inverter utilises hot swappable technology. This helps reduce the repair time on your life safety system. This product is fully compliant with BS EN 50171:2001.

Best Suited For
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Broadcast and Entertainment
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Manufacturing


Specifications per model
Installation Type Application Input Power Input Voltage Output Voltage
Removable top entry gland plate; Integral 100mm pl Commercial, Retail Facilities, Hospitals Volts AC 400 VAC Three Phase 400 VAC Three Phase
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Battery Backup Time
Battery deep discharge protection
Power Consumption
0.5 lag - 0.5 lead
Display/Indicator Type
Full LCD and LED display
Status Monitoring
Volt free contact

Allows load to be distributed across 3 phases - smaller cabling required; Front access enclosures keeps footprint to a minimum. Volt free contacts for: Common Alarm, Static Inverter Fault, Battery Discharging, Low Battery Volts, Load on Inverter, Load on Bypass - contacts rated at 1A, 24V AC/DC


Pure sine wave output
Modular hot swappable
Fully compliant with BS EN 50171:2001
High efficiency = High energy savings
Battery deep discharge protection
Full LCD and LED display
Enclosure protection to IP21 as standard (options up to IP54 are available)
Fully compliant with BS EN 50171:2001


Pure sine wave output
Higher lighting levels when compared to self contained emergency lighting
You can use most standard AC luminaires, no need for modification.
More energy efficient than self contained lighting offering cost savings year on year
Best in class electrical performance for three phase Emergency Lighting requirements
Removable top entry gland plate Integral 100mm plinth (excluding distribution) to allow good manouverability
Allows the distribution of the load to across 3 phases - smaller cabling required
Front access enclosures keeps footprint to a minimum
Central point for maintenance and testing, which means less disruptive to daily working routines
Hot swappable modules reducing Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
Comprehensive and easy to use diagnostic display

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Emergency Lighting Support


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