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The page you're viewing is for English (EMEA) region.

Generate Income with your UPS

UPS owners are now making revenue from energy storage. Are you?

Vertiv has developed technology and services that now enable UPS owners to generate revenues from providing energy storage services to the grid without compromising IT resiliency.

How it works

The energy grid at times requires additional capacity not immediately available or expensive to bring online. Companies with Static UPS devices are sitting on capacity they can sell to the grid, critically without any risk to the critical load that the UPS protects.

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Intermittent renewables continue to challenge conventional energy generation. Evening out this renewable supply will require new energy storage services both in front of the meter and behind. Operators of data centers and other types of critical infrastructure will have a key role to play in this shifting energy landscape which will present new ways to generate revenue and lower costs.

This is a market in evolution so revenues are likely to change over time. A 20 MW facility could expect to make or save more than €1 Million per annum.

It's critical to point out that energy storage services do not impact, or threaten in any way, the primary mission of the UPS which is to protect the load. The capacity used for grid services is in addition to the core energy redundancy required to protect the load. We should make sure that we always have sufficient kWh of UPS battery capacity to back-up the load in case of any interruption to the grid supply. This can be hardwired within the UPS control or through the external site controller.

You can either take part directly or via an aggregator partner. An aggregator will handle the connection and licensing issues but will take some of the revenues.

If you choose a direct approach, rather than via an aggregator, you will have to manage contracts and tenders directly some of which need to be renegotiated every six months or even more frequently – perhaps even daily.

No. An external controller can only request the UPS to modify the status of the input stage (rectifier); the request will be fulfilled if and only if the UPS self-contained control allows you to do so (i.e. the operation is totally safe for the output load).

Yes. The UPS is equipped with input signals that can inhibit any Dynamic Support operations, at any moment.

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The Technology Driving the Adoption

Recent developments in Lithium Ion batteries regarding cost, life and reliability put them front and centre for suitability for this opportunity.

Lithium ion batteries - The smart choice for datacentres.

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