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Permanent Load Banks

Load Testing for Continuous Uptime Outdoors

Load banks provide contained, organized and fully controllable load and help ensure proper operation of your backup power system. Permanent load banks are designed for continuous operation in outdoor environments.

They are ruggedly constructed units typically rated between 10KW and 3000KW. These load banks feature fully supported Helidyne™ resistor elements which are designed for no cool down period even under a full load condition. These units are provided with a gasketed and heated enclosure to protect contactors and other components from condensation-related problems. Remote control panels are provided with each unit, ready for 19" rack mounting or installed in a NEMA-type wall-mount enclosure.

Some are installed on a rooftop or concrete pad while others are integrated on rugged structural skid with provisions for overhead, four-point lifting.

These units are designed for testing AC generating systems, UPS, production line and laboratory environments. To provide mobile testing, some of these load banks are even mounted on a trailer.

Permanent load banks are available in various configurations, installation types and capacity ranges.

View Vertiv’s Load Banks portfolio.

ASCO Avtron 1000 SERIES Load Banks

Our 1000 SERIES radiator mount load banks are designed and manufactured for radiator or duct mounting on diesel engine generator sets. Available for indoor, outdoor, or horizontal applications.

ASCO Avtron 2000 SERIES Load Banks

Our 2000 SERIES Portable Resistive Load Banks are designed to be rugged and reliable for both service and rental applications. From simple hand-held load banks through high capacity horizontal and vertical exhaust units. ASCO is your p...

ASCO Avtron 4000 SERIES Load Banks

ASCO 4000 SERIES Permanent Resistive Load Banks are designed for outdoor operation. These units feature controls designed to interface with switchgear and existing Building Management Systems (SCADA).

ASCO Froment 6000 SERIES Load Banks

6000 SERIES load banks are either inductive, capacitve or combined models for testing AC power supplies at non-unity power factors. Constructed in a welded monocoque or modular chassis, capacities are available up to 2000kVA with wide ...

ASCO Avtron 7000 SERIES Load Banks

ASCO 7000 SERIES Inductive/Reactive load bank systems provide an economical and convenient means for high capacity reactive load testing of AC power systems.