Availability & Uptime

Automatic and Manual Transfer Switches

Transfer Switches for a Range of Applications

Transfer switches ensure that when you have a power outage, your critical equipment keeps running.

The electrical switches transfer loads between different power sources - some types do this automatically, while others get run by an operator. Some types of switches, on top of doing the actual “switching,” also tell the backup generator to start running when the primary source of power is lost.

The equipment is applicable to a wide range of environments, ranging from residential, agricultural and light commercial applications to the critical power needs of healthcare, financial and data center facilities. In some facilities, switches need to be tested without interrupting power to the load - those will require bypass-isolation configurations. In some applications, integrated solutions are required - you’ll need transfer switch load panels, circuit breakers and voltage surge suppression pre-wired in compact packages.

Vertiv offers a range of manual and automatic transfer switches, from those needed by smaller facilities all the way to those required by critical applications.

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ASCO 7000 SERIES Power Transfer Switch

Ensure the reliable operation of ground fault protection systems and reduction of voltage transients from unbalanced load switching with ASCO Power Technologies' line of non-automatic and automatic transfer switches. The ASCO 7000 SERI...

ASCO 4000 SERIES Power Transfer Switches

Transfer loads between alternate sources of power regardless of ampacity size efficiently with ASCO 4000 SERIES Power Transfer Switches made possible with reliable, field proven solenoid operating mechanisms. Combined with programmable...

ASCO SERIES 300 Group G Power Transfer Switch

Automatically transfer critical loads in the event of a power outage with the ASCO SERIES 300. Rugged construction and proven performance assure the user of many years of reliability.​​

ASCO Series 300SE Service Entrance Power Transfer Switch

With a SERIES 300 Transfer Switch, you get a product backed by ASCO Power Technologies, the industry leader responsible for virtually every major technological advance in the Transfer Switch industry.

ASCO SERIES 185 Power Transfer Switch

Get all the intelligence your optional standby system needs to make sure power stays on when the utility fails, with ASCO SERIES 185 Power Transfer Switches. When utility power has been restored, this line of power transfer switches w...