DCIM & IT Management

Today’s data center is a living thing, each piece connected to and relying on the other. Managing such a massive organism requires facility-wide visibility and control, eliminating the keyhole view of individual systems and looking at the data center – and the network beyond the data center’s walls – holistically. Our experts explain how.

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DCIM & IT Management

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Evaluating the Promise of DCIM

While DCIM is not a magic bullet, it does have the capability to give real-time insight into power, space, and cooling that helps you manage capacity, reduce risk, and increase efficiency. Vertiv has evaluated the promise of DCIM and believes it can deliver real value to your data center in four key areas.

Is Your Organization Ready?

DCIM is a business process, as much as a technology. As for any new process, it is important to have an internal plan which reflects your key business priorities, what you can expect from a DCIM implementation, and metrics for how to measure success.