Fire Pump Controllers

Firetrol FTA1100-J Diesel Engine Fire Pump Controller

FTA1100J combined automatic and manual Mark IIXG based diesel engine fire pump controllers are intended for starting and monitoring fire pump diesel engines. They are suitable for use with both mechanical and electronic type engines. The controller is available for 12 or 24 volt negative ground systems, using lead acid or Nickel-Cadmium batteries.

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Specifications per model FTA1100J
Type Approvals Operating Pressure
Diesel UL, FM 0
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Starting Method
Diesel Engine
Motor Horsepower
Operating Voltage
110V - 240V single phase
Battery Voltage
12 or 24 Volt Neg. Ground
Battery Type
Lead Acid or Ni-Cad


The following are included as standard with each controller: • 
AC Line and Battery Circuit Breakers
Manual Crank Push-Buttons
Common User Interface Across Product Lines
USB Host Controller
Weekly Test Timer
Smart Battery Chargers
Electronic Engine Compatibility


Electronic Control Module (ECM) Monitoring
Adjustable Battery Chargers
PLD Engine Compatibility
Modbus Connectivity

Services & Support


Frequently Asked Questions
1. I have an older diesel engine and fire pump controller. The engine is still functional; however, I would like to upgrade the controller to one of current design. Will your controller work with an older engine?
In most cases yes. A couple of cautionary statements. First, be sure your current controller and engine are negative ground. There was a time when positive ground systems were more popular. I am not aware of any manufacturers build a positive ground UL FM approved engine controller today. The other important point when replacing an old controller with an old engine, is to obtain the engine wiring diagram and complete engine model number. This way we can be sure your engine and controller interface properly. Any questions contact your local FTA rep or the factory.
2. I recently noticed that some fire pump engines are now available with a variable speed pressure limiting function. Will these work with controllers?
Yes. This engine functionality is required and or optional for use in the marketplace. Therefore as a manufacturer of UL FM controllers complying with NFPA20, we provide the necessary circuitry in our controller.
What are the required NFPA20 alarms on diesel engine controllers?
Engine running, Engine Trouble and Switch Mis-set. These alarms are brought to a terminal strip in the controller so they can be easily connected to a remote alarm panel or other monitoring equipment.
4. If you have a question regarding controller operation, documentation, or any specific questions regarding the diesel engine fire pump controller, we need the controller serial number. Where is this found?
Depends on the age of the controller. It can be found on the data plate on the front of the controller or on the inside of the door on older units. This number identifies your specific controller.
5. I have a diesel engine for running an irrigation pump…could I use this engine as my fire pump driver?
No. Diesel engines for fire pump service are required to be UL Listed and FM Approved for fire service.


Sales In USA Change Location
GDS Services, Inc.
Email Contact +1 717 292 9403 Fax +1 717 292 5746
5301 Carlisle Road, P.O. Box 347 Dover Pennsylvania 17315
Product areas of focus: Fire Pump Controllers
Email Contact 440 526 0603 Fax 440 526 0704
6500 Miller Road Cleveland Ohio 44141
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McPeak Company
Email Contact +1 315 453 0500 Fax +1 315 453 0117
111 Monarch Drive Liverpool New York 13088
Product areas of focus: Fire Pump Controllers
Rosemont Engineering, Inc.
Email Contact +1 978 453 9191 Fax +1 978 453 1919
225 Stedman St., Suite 34 Lowell Massachusetts 01851
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Flotronix Corporation
Email Contact 1 317 849 7377 Fax 1 317 849 7337
12574 Promise Creek Lane, Suite 122 Indianapolis Indiana 46038
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Applied Industrial Controls, Inc.
Email Contact +1 770 614 7022 Fax +1 770 614 7025
1860 South Lee Court Buford Georgia 30518
Product areas of focus: Fire Pump Controllers
Chicago Technical Sales, Inc.
Email Contact +1 630 239 2639 Fax +1 866 860 5410
2948 Kirk Rd. Suite 106 # 160 Aurora Illinois 60502
Product areas of focus: Fire Pump Controllers
RJH Technical Services, Inc.
Email Contact +1 813 655 7947 Fax +1 813 655 7546
PO Box 3658 Brandon Florida 33509
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Nelson Engineered Sales
Email Contact +1 651 631 0646 Fax +1 651 631 9453
P.O. Box 130247 St. Paul Minnesota 55113
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RAPCO Associates, Inc.
Email Contact +1 504 887 9500 Fax +1 504 889 0523
4515 Shores Drive, Suite 202, P.O. Box 7885 Metairie Louisiana 70010
Product areas of focus: Fire Pump Controllers
Support Change Location
Vertiv - Firetrol Main Office
Email Contact +1 919 460 5200 Fax +1 919 460 5250
Crossroads III Building 111 Corning Road, Suite 120 Cary North Carolina 27518 USA
Product areas of focus: Fire Pump Controllers


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