Fire Pump Controllers

Firetrol FTA1930 Electric Fire Pump Controller - Digital Solid State Starting

FTA1930 Digital Solid State Starting Fire Pump Controllers feature soft start, soft stop and system sensing capabilities that not only provide for reduced current starting, but also offer an improved level of hydro mechanical performance.

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Specifications per model FTA1930
Type Approvals Operating Pressure
Electric UL, FM 0 - 600 PSI
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Starting Method
Digital Solid State (Soft) Starting
Motor Horsepower
3 - 600 (Depending on Voltage)
Operating Voltage
200 - 600 VAC
Short Circuit Current Rating
100,000 Amps RMS Sym (Depending on HP/Voltage)


The following are included as standard with each controller: 
Main Disconnect Switch and Circuit Breaker
Common User Interface Across Product Lines
True RMS Metering
Power Transfer Switch Option
Solid State Pressure Transducer
USB Host Controller
Event and Data Logging
Emergency Run Mechanism


Digital Solid State (Soft) Starting
Modbus Connectivity
System Monitoring
User Selectable Features

Services & Support


Frequently Asked Questions
1. What type of motor starting method should be utilized?
The answer is not always clear cut and straightforward. There are a number of factors to consider such as, the motor HP and voltage, is the fire pump operating on emergency power, does the local utility have restrictions on the size of the motor load or the maximum ampere draw? Any questions contact your local FTA representative or the factory.
2. My fire pump is required to operate on emergency power. Do I need an automatic transfer switch with my fire pump controller?
Yes and be sure the fire pump transfer switch is provided as an integral unit with the fire pump controller.
3. Since my fire pump is going to be connected to an emergency generator set, the gen set dealer has recommended a close transition starting method. What does this mean?
Solid state starters are closed transition as are wye delta closed and autotransformer. Contact your local FTA representative or the factory.
4. What is the simplest and most cost effective starting method?
Across the line type starting is the simplest; there are limitations however. Contact your local FTA representative or the factory.
5. Is the fire pump controller suitable for us as service equipment?
Yes, all electric fire pump controllers are required to be listed for use as service equipment.


Sales In USA Change Location
Ampair, Inc.
Email Contact +1 281 444 9200 Fax +1 281 444 3950
15110 Draper Lane Houston Texas 77014
Product areas of focus: Fire Pump Controllers
Applied Industrial Controls, Inc.
Email Contact +1 770 614 7022 Fax +1 770 614 7025
1860 South Lee Court Buford Georgia 30518
Product areas of focus: Fire Pump Controllers
Arizona VFD
Email Contact 1 623 931 8453 Fax 1 602 997 0905
6040 N. 57th Ave. Glendale Arizona 85031
Product areas of focus: Fire Pump Controllers
Chicago Technical Sales, Inc.
Email Contact +1 630 239 2639 Fax +1 866 860 5410
2948 Kirk Rd. Suite 106 # 160 Aurora Illinois 60502
Product areas of focus: Fire Pump Controllers
Flotronix Corporation
Email Contact 1 317 849 7377 Fax 1 317 849 7337
12574 Promise Creek Lane, Suite 122 Indianapolis Indiana 46038
Product areas of focus: Fire Pump Controllers
GDS Services, Inc.
Email Contact +1 717 292 9403 Fax +1 717 292 5746
5301 Carlisle Road, P.O. Box 347 Dover Pennsylvania 17315
Product areas of focus: Fire Pump Controllers
McPeak Company
Email Contact +1 315 453 0500 Fax +1 315 453 0117
111 Monarch Drive Liverpool New York 13088
Product areas of focus: Fire Pump Controllers
Moldestad Industrial
Email Contact 1 425 485 5223 Fax 1 360 668 7174
19017 Broadway Ave. SE Snohomish Washington 98296
Product areas of focus: Fire Pump Controllers
Nelson Engineered Sales
Email Contact +1 651 631 0646 Fax +1 651 631 9453
P.O. Box 130247 St. Paul Minnesota 55113
Product areas of focus: Fire Pump Controllers
RAPCO Associates, Inc.
Email Contact +1 504 887 9500 Fax +1 504 889 0523
4515 Shores Drive, Suite 202, P.O. Box 7885 Metairie Louisiana 70010
Product areas of focus: Fire Pump Controllers
Support Change Location
Vertiv - Firetrol Main Office
Email Contact +1 919 460 5200 Fax +1 919 460 5250
Crossroads III Building 111 Corning Road, Suite 120 Cary North Carolina 27518 USA
Product areas of focus: Fire Pump Controllers


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