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Chloride XP90R DC UPS

DC Uninterruptible Power Systems designed to operate in hazardous areas of Oil & Gas offshore installations. The Chloride XP90R range of rectifiers-battery chargers is ATEX/IECEx certified. It employs the naturally-cooled thyristor technology to provide highly reliable DC power to the most critical loads in extreme environments.

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  • Oil and Gas
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ATEX/IECEx certified (Ex d) enclosure:
Enclosure material: Stainless Steel / Mild Steel / Aluminum
Ingress protection IP66
Designed for 55°C Ambient Temperature
Wide range of ratings:
Single-phase input 230Vac: 24 to 127Vdc output / 25 to 250A (power limitation applies, please consult us)
Three-phase input 400Vac: 24 to 220Vdc output / 25 to 600A (power limitation applies, please consult us)
Designed for utmost performances:
12-pulse filtered SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) with isolating transformer
Digitally controlled Rectifier
Low Inrush Current (≤5 In) and low THDi (≤6%)
Output overcurrent up to 150% / 1 minute
Tailor-made for dedicated use:
Compatible with sealed Lead Acid or ‘Maintenance-free’ NiCd battery types.
Parallel configuration 


1 - Small footprint:
High power DC UPS system available in small size to optimize space on offshore platform
2 - High reliability through optimized thermal management:
Chloride XP90R combines the highly reliable thyristors technology with Vertiv’s latest patented Ex_d enclosure cooling system to provide unrivalled reliability
3 - Strong immunity to perturbations:
Chloride XP90R integrates an isolating input transformer to strengthen loads continuity
4 - Safe Control, door closed:
Chloride XP90R allows the user to operate switches, circuit breakers and control buttons with door closed
5 - Smart access to UPS data:
The large graphical user interface gives access to all UPS menus with door closed
The embedded event logger records up to 2000 events
6 - Safe and Easy Maintenance:
Once open, the front door gives access to all internal components from the front 


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