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ASCO 7000 SERIES Power Transfer Switch

Ensure the reliable operation of ground fault protection systems and reduction of voltage transients from unbalanced load switching with Vertiv's line of ASCO non-automatic and automatic transfer switches. The ASCO 7000 SERIES Power Transfer Switch features switched or overlapping neutral options. This product is available in the conventional, two-position transfer configuration, plus closed or delayed transition modes of operation.​

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Conventional two-position transfer configuration, plus closed and delayed transition modes of operation.
Available in bypass-isolation configuration.
UL listed to 1008 Transfer Switch Equipment & CSA certified to CSA 22.2 No. 178-1978 Automatic Transfer Switches.
Rated up to 600 VAC, 30 through 4000 amperes.
High withstand and close-on ratings including 30 cycle withstand current rating for optimum flexibility in circuit breaker coordination (600-4000 amperes).


Reliable and field-proven solenoid operating mechanism ensures maximum performance
Local or Remote serial communication options provide user flexibility.
Protected by a comprehensive warranty.

Services & Support


Contact 800-800-ASCO (2726) or customercare@asco.com for Product Wiring, Diagrams and Drawings.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I send remote transfer signal?
The transfer switch has a feature connected to the field connections terminal block (TB) called Feature 17 or Remote Transfer to Emergency Feature. This requires a customer supplied normally open contact wherein closing of the contact causes engine start and transfer to the emergency source.
How does the ATS work?
The ATS works like a conventional open transition transfer switch. The transfer switch main contacts moves in a quick break - before make mode transition. There is no momentary parallel connection of the two sources and no extended center-off position during transfer. The transition is quick. The ATS controller monitors the voltage and frequency of the two sources (upon re-transfer or any transfer between 2 “live” sources) and ensures that they are in-phase before the load is transferred (if enabled).
How will I know if the controller is damaged?
The controller is damaged if the display doesn’t work; If there are extensive signs of burns on the PC board; If the OP and NR relays are no longer functional.
Why won't the ATS transfer to Emergency?
The ATS won’t transfer to Emergency if: Emergency is unavailable; The Transfer to Emergency Inhibit is activated; The Load Shed from Emergency feature is activated; The solenoid operator is damaged; The ER relay is damaged; The controller is damaged; There is mechanical failure.
Where do I connect the engine start wires?
The engine start contacts are also known as feature 7 and 8. Feature 7 is a contact that closes to send an engine start signal and Feature 8 is a contact that opens to send an engine start signal. Refer to the transfer switch wiring diagram for the terminal connections. To request for a wiring diagram just take note of the Serial no., BOM no. and the Catalog no. of the transfer switch and call 1-800-800-ASCO (2726) option 33.


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