Aperture Infrastructure Process Manager

Delivers the operational control needed to manage change in complex data centers and interoperates with other process management tools, ensuring a unified work process that expands the discipline of IT Service Management (ITSM) into the data center.

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  • Education
  • Banking, Financial and Insurance
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Data Center/Colocation/Hosting
  • Retail and Wholesale
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Specifications per model Aperture Infrastructure Process Manager
Application Processor Server Operating System Supported Browsers Version
Provides Monitoring of the Data Center with an IT Perspective Any supported by Windows Server Side: MS Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit); MS Windows Server 2012 (64-bit) Client Side: Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 IE 11(11.0.20 or above) -Native Mode, Google Chrome Release 53 Mozilla Firefox Release 49 Aperture 650 SP5
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Monitored Data Points
Any data point can be monitored but power related data points are leveraged for the UI.
CPU Manufacturer
CPU Speed (GHz) 8 M L3 cache
2GHz or faster(each)
CPU count
2 or more
CPU Cores
2 or more
Supported Communication Protocols
http,https or Bacnet,SNMP,Modbus
Memory (GB)
2 GB or more
Disk throughput
Faster is better
User Management
User Platform
Windows with IE/Firefox/Chrome
Dependent on DC configuration and application deployment options
Network TCP/IP at 100 MBits/sec
Automatic Data Backup and Export
No. Use OS/SQL tools
Virtual Machine Support


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Complete set of standardized data center applications for
installing, moving and decommissioning equipment, adding and removing connections
and cards, changing server names
and IP addresses and requesting symbols.
A library of configurable templates simplifies the process of
initiating requests. Users can also copy existing requests as the
starting point for creating a new request form.
Rules-driven workflow automates steps within each application based on
data entered on the request form and roles of the process participants.
Automatic escalations notify responsible staff and managers so that team members can maintain service levels. Five levels of escalation can be set to
progressively warn additional team members when a project falls behind.
Reservation capability insures that resources are not accidentally
double-booked, causing cascading power failures, hot spots or
inaccurate allocation
of space.
Access via a user-friendly Web portal combines high-performance, data-driven drawing, database, report writing and power modeling
engines with configurable forms, portal configuration tools,
administration functions and integration services.
Audit trail provides a record of all equipment changes in the data center to
meet requirements for internal governance and external compliance.


Proven process management
used in some of the world’s
largest data centers where
hundreds of users manage
millions of square feet.
Installation, moving
and decommissioning
applications codify process
and system controls for
predictable service.
Integration with Aperture
Configuration Manager
enables reduction of risks
associated with changes.
Web-based portal provides
global access to all data
center users.


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