In-Row Cooling

CR019RW, Water/Glycol Cooled, 19kW

The Liebert CRV system offers highly flexible, in-row cooling for data centers requiring higher density cooling with greater efficiency and capacity. The system is designed for small and medium data centers or higher density containment applications in large data centers.

Best Suited For
  • Banking, Financial and Insurance
  • Data Center/Colocation/Hosting
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Retail and Wholesale
One Year Limited Warranty Against Defects in Material and Workmanship
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The Liebert CRV is a precision data center cooling solution providing temperature and humidity control. It integrates within a row of data center racks, providing cooling close to the heat load. The Liebert CRV is often used with aisle containment and the advanced Liebert iCOM-S thermal supervisory control to independently manage airflow and temperature, greatly improving efficiency and supporting higher rack densities. Adjustable airflow baffles allow you to more precisely direct airflow within the row. Liebert CRV uses environmentally-friendly R410A refrigerant. The system is available in two widths, 300mm and 600mm, and multiple capacities. It is available in systems for air, water/glycol, and chilled water cooling.

Specifications per model CR019RW, Water/Glycol Cooled, 19kW
TOTAL NOMINAL CAPACITY kBtuh[kW] NET SENSIBLE CAPACITY kBtuh [kW]* Nominal AIRFLOW [CFM] Height (in / mm) Width (in / mm) Depth (in / mm) Weight (lbs / kgs)
64.8 [19.0] 81.4 [23.9] 2250 78 3/4 / 2000 12 / 300 46 1/4 / 1175 545 / 247
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Total Capacity
82.5 [24.2]
Airflow Direction
Adjustable baffles
Heat Rejection Medium
Capacity Modulation
Variable Speed EC Fans
Controls & Monitoring
Liebert iCOM Unit Controls


Water/glycol cooled
Only row-based product that can independentlly control temperature airflow 
Advanced Liebert iCOM unit controls for automated routines and greater protection
Variable speed fans
Field-adjustable air baffles to direct cold air
Controls with up to 20 rack sensors 


Industry-best efficiency
Places cooling closer to the source of the heat
Automatic performance optimization with Liebert iCOM™ controls and teamwork modes 

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All Liebert branded thermal management products come with technical support available by calling 1-800-543-2378


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February 28, 2018
Thermal Management

维谛(Vertiv)收购 Energy Labs 以扩展热管理产品组合

维谛(Vertiv,原艾默生网络能源)完成对美国一家私有的定制空气处理系统制造商Energy Labs 的收购。此次收购巩固了维谛(Vertiv)在数据中心热管理领域的领先地位,并使业界领先的制冷解决方案扩展到更宽广的商业和工业领域。

January 23, 2018