Trellis™ Power Insight Application Software Download

The Trellis Power Insight Application is a complimentary web-based software designed to monitor up to 50 Liebert® UPS devices:

The successful download of the Trellis Power Insight requires a two step process:

  1. Install the Trellis Application Manager
  2. Open the Trellis Application Manager and download, install or upgrade the Trellis Power Insight application software

Complete installation instructions can be found within the Installer/User Guide or the online help.

Note: For Server Shutdown capability, install the Trellis Automation Agent on any Windows, Linux or Hyper V on Windows systems.

To Register for Software Downloads from Vertiv:

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  2. Complete all required fields.​
  3. Accept Terms and Conditions.
  4. Click "Create Account". An Activation Code will be emailed to the email address specified in the account creation process​.
  5. Activate the account by entering the Activation Code on the portal page.