Emerson Network Power is Now Vertiv

and it's just the first of many improvements.

You’ve known us for years as Emerson Network Power, and have come to count on us as a global leading provider of critical infrastructure technologies and lifecycle services.

As Vertiv, we are as committed as ever to empowering the vital applications of the digital world, supporting today’s growing mobile, cloud and edge computing markets. With flagship brands, like ASCO®, Chloride®, Liebert®, NetSure™, and Trellis™, we have a broad portfolio of power, thermal and infrastructure management solutions & services to support vital applications in data centers, communication networks, and commercial and industrial environments.




We’re a new company, so we’ve got a lot to prove. And everything we do will be geared toward protecting our customers’ mission-critical applications and requirements. We’ll go further than simply making things work. We’ll deliver on more than promises; we’ll deliver results. Vertiv will combine power management, thermal management, and other infrastructure products and solutions with outstanding expertise and services for an offering that feels specifically tailored to your continued strength and success. Our teams will work across disciplines, business units, and geographies to provide innovative and highly specialized solutions aimed at keeping customers performing their best.


The hyperconnected world is accelerating innovation in ways that did not seem possible even a few years ago. New, data-driven businesses are upending the way things get done. Vertiv is committed to helping you change the world as fast as you can, without downtime ever entering the equation. With $4.4 billion in fiscal sales for 2015 and over 19,000 employees, we're carrying our successful history and our brands such as ASCO®, Chloride®, Liebert®, NetSure™, and Trellis™ forward with us. And by focusing our core set of values on new challenges, we'll be able to propel continued success into the goals and experience of every one of our customers. Success that, of course, you'll be able to pass along to yours.

Vertiv. Your vision. Our passion.


Q: Why has Emerson Network Power changed its name to Vertiv™?

A: Platinum Equity has purchased Emerson Network Power in its entirety. We are no longer part of Emerson and therefore have developed a new brand identity under the company name Vertiv.

Vertiv designs, builds and services mission critical technologies that enable vital applications for data centers, communication networks, and commercial and industrial environments.

Q: How did you choose the name Vertiv?

A: Over a six month period, we worked with a professional branding consultancy to interview customers and company leaders to identify the key differentiators of our products and services. This resulted in the identification of over 1,000 potential new names.

Vertiv was finally selected because the name combines the words vertex and active. It delivers on our mission “to empower the vital applications of the digital world.”

Q: When did Vertiv launch?

A: Vertiv launched on December 1st, 2016, after the transaction between Platinum Equity and Emerson closed.

Q: What brands will be part of the new company?

A: The entire Emerson Network Power portfolio will transition to Vertiv.

While all products and brands will be part of Vertiv, we will specifically highlight our five product flagship brands including:

  • ASCO® – Power transfer switches, surge suppression, paralleling switchgear, load banks
  • Chloride® – Industrial grade AC power
  • Liebert® – Thermal management and AC power
  • NetSure™ – DC power
  • Trellis™ – Software
Q: Some brands I’m familiar with, like Avocent, aren’t included in the list of flagship brands, does this mean these products will no longer be available?

A: No. The changes in brand names will not have any effect on what products we offer.

Q: Will you have new brand elements, including colors, logos, fonts, etc.?

A: Yes, we have a new Vertiv logo along with a new brand presence, including colors, fonts and images. Our core brand colors are orange, white and dark grey. We are the only company in our space that will have orange as a signature color, which will help us stand out.

Q: Do I have to set up a new vendor in my system?

A: No. For now, you will continue to transact business with the same entities you have in the past - Liebert Corporation, Avocent Corporation, etc. Additionally, the Tax ID numbers associated with these businesses will remain the same.

Q: Will I need to sign new agreements?

A: Any agreements created with the businesses of Vertiv - Liebert Corporation, Avocent Corporation, etc.- will remain valid.

Q: What about businesses with Emerson Network Power in their name, like Emerson Network Power Liebert Services?

A: Legal entities with Emerson Network Power in their name will undergo a name transition within 6 months of the close. Additional information regarding agreements and purchasing will be forthcoming. The name change will not impact the Tax ID.

Q: Will new equipment shipping from the factory say Emerson Network Power or Vertiv™?

A: For up to one year post-sale, we will be transitioning the badges from Emerson Network Power™ to Vertiv™ on equipment. Equipment shipped during this time may have either an Emerson Network Power or Vertiv badge.

Q: Do you have a new website?

A: Yes! We’re very excited that we’ve released a completely redesigned website at launch. The new website address is www.VertivCo.com

Q: Do I need to update the Emerson Network Power contacts in my address book?

A: Our email domain has been updated to VertivCo.com. Email address will have the same structure as before and will, generally, follow the format FirstName.LastName@vertivco.com. Any Emerson Network Power contacts with @emerson.com email addresses will forward for six months. However, after that time, your emails will no longer go through, so please update your address book accordingly.

There will be no change to the email address of any of Local Business Partners who do not currently have @emerson.com email addresses.

Q: How can I get manuals, brochures, etc. updated with Vertiv?

A: Documents will be updated throughout the year and will be available on the Vertiv website as they are released.

Q: If I have questions about the transition, who should I contact?

A: Contact your sales representative or account manager with any questions about the transition.

Have questions about the Vertiv transition?