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No hay dos situaciones iguales. De modo que, tanto si busca gestión de operaciones in situ de proyectos, ingeniería o instalación, como mantenimiento preventivo o supervisión del consumo energético, ofrecemos una amplia gama de programas y servicios diseñados para satisfacer sus necesidades de soporte de infraestructuras críticas.

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Project Services

Maximize your investments, prevent delays, and avoid rework with effective project planning and execution.

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Maintenance Services

An ongoing maintenance program that detects and corrects incipient failures is essential for critical asset management. It gives you the service support you need to minimize downtime and recover quickly if an unexpected problem occurs.

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Performance Optimization Services

You need your system to be running as effectively as possible, and our optimizing services deliver. Our offerings help you identify untapped resources. We’ll uncover opportunities to maximize your investment, improve energy efficiency, and lower cost.

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Get the most out of your IT infrastructure through Vertiv Learning Campus trainings or customized courses geared to your business needs.


When you invest in our products and services, our goals become shared. We ensure continuous uptime of your critical operations so you can perform at your peak and maximize your resources. So whether you are in data center, communication, government or industrial industries, we provide solutions geared to your specific needs. It’s this customization that gives you focus and flexibility to realize your full potential.


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