The Edge of Simplicity

Making your small and remote IT infrastructure quick to deploy, highly available and more productive.

Edge of Simplicity: Simplifying Deployment

Simplifying Deployment And Management Of Distributed IT

Infographic – More Edge computing locations are being deployed every year. See the numbers and challenges.

Three Tips for Simplifying IT Deployment in Edge Locations

Video – In the spirit of simplifying the Edge: Three tips to simplify deployment


More and more, schools and universities rely on IT to provide learning for students and support the administration that keeps these institutions running. Explore the unique challenges and effective solutions for digitized Education.


With the large globalization of retailing, it is no surprise that information technology has an increasingly significant role in managing complex retail operations. Explore the unique challenges and effective solutions for retail operations that Vertiv has to offer.


Information technology is more important than ever in government spaces. With new compliance mandates required by 2018, it is absolutely crucial that the right equipment is deployed to guarantee success. Explore the unique challenges and effective solutions for government spaces that Vertiv has to offer.


Banks and financial institutions are now, more than ever, in need of IT that keeps up with rapidly changing economic trends. With the rise in internet banking, mobile banking apps, and electronic payment technologies, more and more banks are moving IT equipment closer to the Edge to increase accessibility. Explore the unique challenges and effective solutions for financial spaces that Vertiv has to offer.


Keys to Powering Today's Critical Network Edge

The IT landscape continues to change. Trends are driving more and more computing to the "edge of the network". Professionals today are asking what this means to their infrastructure power systems.

October 26, 2016
Availability & Uptime

Real-world Gaming and Why Edge Computing Matters

August 24, 2016
Thermal Management

Cooling the Edge: Small Spaces Getting Attention

Network closets used to be neglected and unprotected. Ten years ago, it wasn’t unusual to see network closets and small server rooms without UPS protection, let alone cooling.

November 25, 2016