Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

UPS Energy Storage Alternatives

Energy storage solutions for large Liebert UPS applications: Lithium Ion batteries

Best Suited For
  • Banking, Financial and Insurance
  • Data Center/Colocation/Hosting
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Liebert Energy Storage Systems for our large UPS products are CE marked and have been tested and verified to work with each of those products. The individual web page for the Lithium Ion battery solution offers more information on it.


*To see model-specific downloads, you will need to go to the model-specific product page by selecting the model name in the specifications chart above.


Features to compare between various technologies include:
Power Density
Weight savings
Cycle count
Initial cost
Total Cost of Ownership
Operating temperature


These technologies can offer certain benefits such as:
Less total cost of ownership
Higher cycle counts than previous technologies
Providing footprint for additional revenue generating equimpent
Reduced cooling costs
Fewer replacements over the life of the UPS

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can any type of energy storage be used with your UPS systems?
A specific energy storage solution must be tested and verified by the factory before you can rely on it for proper interface and operation to our UPS systems. Do not trust a third party who may tell you otherwise.
Are there other types of energy storage products not shown on the web page?
There are numerous energy storage technologies and products on the market and our team of experts are constantly evaluating new technology. Please contact your local sales representative if you'd like to ask about something not shown on our web pages.
Aren't lithium ion batteries unsafe?
The chemistry used in our lithium ion battery solutions is not the same as the chemistry used in consumer grade products that have presented serious safety concerns. Lithium battery solution designed for Data Centre application includes not only the batteries but the battery management system and as a packaged solution are designed for safety.
Which is better - VRLA (valve regulated acid batteries) or lithium ion batteries?
There is no easy answer. It depends on your particular power system design, your needs and your goals. Please contact your local Vertiv sales office for assistance in selecting the optimal solution for your application.


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