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Rectifiers / Battery Chargers

Compact Solutions that Protect Critical Industrial Equipment

Rectifiers / battery chargers are power backup systems that optimize the balance between size and space in configured or custom-made industrial systems. They supply high DC power in compact footprint to make the most of small spaces. They meet the stringent electrical and mechanical requirements in industrial environments.

These include solutions designed to operate in hazardous atmosphere and meet the requirements of the ATEX/IECs standards. With interchangeable sub-assemblies, they can be tailor-made to comply with your technical specifications and project documentation requirements.

Some industrial rectifiers are based on CR-based technology used across most rugged systems. They fit applications requiring long battery backup and where space constraint is a key decision-making factor such as offshore upstream oil and gas, power transmission and distribution, conventional and renewable power generation.

Rectifiers/battery chargers provide DC power backup system for various applications using small foot print.

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Chloride FP20R DC UPS image

Chloride FP20R DC UPS

Chloride FP20R combines high frequency switch-mode technology with microprocessor control to bring a high performance level and exceptional output voltage stability in a very compact design. To further ensure reliability of the connect...

Chloride CP70RC Compact DC UPS image

Chloride CP70RC Compact DC UPS

Chloride CP70RC provides high DC power in a more compact footprint. It combines the highly reliable thyristor-based topology with the proven digital control technology to offer the best performance under any electrical and environmenta...

Chloride XP90R DC UPS image

Chloride XP90R DC UPS

DC Uninterruptible Power Systems designed to operate in hazardous areas of Oil & Gas offshore installations. The Chloride XP90R range of rectifiers-battery chargers is ATEX/IECEx certified. It employs the naturally-cooled thyristor tec...