Telephone and Communication Distribution Pedestals

Protect Distribution Equipment with Reliable Enclosures

Telephone and communication distribution pedestals house and provide protection to distribution equipment in telephone and communication industries. These pedestals are used for splicing, terminating and distributing copper. They are corrosion-resistant and require very little maintenance.

These include combination connection pedestals which are aboveground housings for different distribution equipment such as taps, couplers, splitters, and splice cases. The Controlled Access Design enclosures provide fixed-count or preferred-count terminations.

There are also cost-saving, round-cornered, square design distribution pedestals for buried cable. This design incorporates critical features that eliminate the expense of creating unique caps, backplates, upper/lower front covers, mounting plates, bonding/grounding systems and loose parts packages.

Some are shield isolation pedestals for bonding fiber optic or copper underground splice cables to test for cable shield faults. These closures are made of heavy gauge mill-galvanized steel and treated with a unique finishing process for longer life.

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NetReach Pedestals

Multi-purpose copper/fiber splice or equipment pedestal enclosures for high pair-count splices, cross-connect interface, fiber/coaxial equipment, loop treatment electronics, and combined connection applications.