Vertiv Data Center Planner

Vertiv Data Center Planner software provides a system of record for all of the physical infrastructure equipment, power consumption and device connections in your data center.

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  • Data Center/Colocation/Hosting
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Inventory Management
Know the physical location and attributes of all the equipment in a data center 
Search for assets by their characteristics and their physical location 
Reduce the amount of time required to complete mandatory audits 
Decrease unaligned inventory and avoid unnecessary maintenance costs
Configuration management 
Simplify planning and management with a complete model of the environment 
•Improve communication with a single source of truth for Facilities and IT 
Reduce mean time to repair
Capacity tracking
Know the infrastructure capacities and align resources to meet the data center requirements
Right-size the infrastructure and decrease costs associated with over-provisioning and risks associated with under-provisioning
Improve decision-making with comprehensive analytics 
Gain detailed insight into the infrastructure status and equipment managed Intuitive visual interface 
Enhance process efficiency and minimize system administration 
At-a-glance infrastructure status and predictive modeling


Instantly know the current state of the data center and anticipate the effect of change to efficiently manage routine services; cut the time to provision, install and decommission equipment and reduce downtime. 
Rely on up-to-date, comprehensive data about devices and equipment locations, current capacities and power usage to confidently implement installs and changes without compromising availability.
Anticipate capacity needs and reduce unplanned escalations or outages.


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