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Trellis™ Enterprise Solutions

By providing real-time, integrated view of IT and facility assets, the Trellis DCIM solution makes it easier to collaborate, plan and control changes in the data center. A modular and scalable platform that fits every sized company, it helps mitigate IT risk, optimize efficiency and support business initiatives.

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DC Power Systems

NetSure 5000 Series DC Power System

Discretely power critical infrastructure at the edge of your network with optimized management, security, and control. This series of flexible DC power systems is designed for wireless access and fixed network applications offering unmatched temperature performance and high power density.

Chloride CP70Z AC UPS  image
Industrial AC and DC Systems

Chloride CP70Z AC UPS

AC Uninterruptible Power Systems designed for heavy-duty industries offer full flexibility with a wide variety of configurations and options. These systems combine conservative design topology (SCR/IGBT) with proven digital control technology to provide high reliability and best performance in any electrical and environmental conditions.

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Outdoor Enclosures

NetXtend Compact Series

Designed to discretely house DC power equipment, electronics and batteries in a single robust enclosure. The NetXtend Compact Series is a family of three small single-sided low-cost indoor or outdoor rated aluminum enclosures. These enclosures can be equipped with a variety of inexpensive cooling, power, protection and battery options.

ASCO 7000 SERIES Power Transfer Switch  image
Power Transfer Switches

ASCO 7000 SERIES Power Transfer Switch

Ensure the reliable operation of ground fault protection systems and reduction of voltage transients from unbalanced load switching with Vertiv's line of ASCO non-automatic and automatic transfer switches. The ASCO 7000 SERIES Power Transfer Switch features switched or overlapping neutral options. This product is available in the conventional, two-position transfer configuration, plus closed or delayed transition modes of operation.​

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Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Liebert EXM UPS

The Liebert EXM UPS provides efficient and economical operation with a flexible power system offering scalable and redundant features that is optimized to meet the unique demands of midsize IT and critical power applications. An intuitive, customizable touchscreen control panel provides Status At A Glance information and multiple levels of user security. Matching ancillary cabinets provide the ability to meet specific demands for run time, bypass and parallel requirements.


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Performance Optimization Services

Battery Replacement

A single bad cell in a string of batteries can compromise your entire backup power system and leave you without protection. That’s why as soon as batteries are placed into service, they should be maintained with a program that identifies system anomalies and trends end of life. This data, along with Vertiv’s extensive industry experience, allows you to truly understand the health of your batteries and ensure timely, cost-effective replacement.

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Project Services


When you invest time and money into designing a new system, assembly, or critical facility, you need it to be done right, right from the start. The commissioning process ensures that this happens by aligning your entire project team and maintaining focus on meeting your requirements. Vertiv’s experienced commissioners maximize your return by delivering improved availability, enhanced safety, increased efficiency, and reduced operational costs.

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Remote Services

LIFE™ Services

Minutes matter when business-critical systems go down. But even knowing there is a problem can take hours without constant oversight. You can’t afford for your critical systems to go down and you can’t waste time recovering your IT infrastructure after a disruption. LIFE Services provides continuous monitoring and data analysis by remote system engineers. Armed with this real-time information, our technicians quickly, accurately, and safely restore equipment to its proper operating condition.

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Performance Optimization Services

Arc Flash Studies

Arc flash incidents are highly concentrated radiant thermal energy resulting from an arcing fault between two points. These potentially devastating events kill or injure people every day. An up-to-date arc flash study helps mitigate these hazards by calculating the limited and restricted approach boundaries inside which workers must use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

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Project Services

Project Management

With our project management services, we ensure that your critical power and cooling infrastructure equipment has a proper installation, start-up or removal.

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Preventive Maintenance

Liebert UPS Preventive Maintenance

Downtime in a data center that supports business-critical operations is not an option. While Liebert UPS units are designed for reliability, they do contain components that must be proactively serviced to ensure your UPS will work properly when it is needed. Having a preventive maintenance program delivered by industry leaders is the single most important step you can take to maximize UPS availability.


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